• Octavia
      • Octavia
        A unique combination of quality, design and value
        • ​​Quality, design and affordability in a unique combination.
        • ​​​An exceptionally wide range of technical options.
        • ​Octavia has safety at its core.
        • till585l /1455l
        • from4.2l/100km
        • from109g/km
  • Fabia
      • Fabia
        Compact car with outstanding interior space
        • ​​​A blend of elegance and functionality.
        • ​Extraordinary space for both the crew and luggage.
        • ​Available with contrasting rooftop colours.
        • till315l /1180l
        • from3.8l/100km
        • from95g/km
      • Fabia Monte Carlo
        Fabia Monte Carlo
        Fashion just found a new designer. Rally.
        • ​A unique style and a ferocious expression.
        • ​The main headlamps as well as the front grille have a black tint.
        • ​Two colour designs of the interior, sports front seats.
        • till315l /1180l
        • from4.2l/100km
        • from109g/km
      • Fabia Combi
        Fabia Combi
        Each day is full of possibilities. Seize them all.
        • ​​A pleasant family vehicle.
        • ​The luggage compartment capacity 505 litres (can be expanded up to 1,485 l).
        • Modern turbo engine TSI and TDI
        • till505l /1485l
        • from3.8l/100km
        • from99g/km
  • Superb
      • Superb
        When you combine elegance with practicality
        • ​A classically elegant sedan with a luxurious space for passenger.
        • TwinDoor – the variable opening of the 5th door.
        • Technically exceptional Bi-Xenon headlamps with AFS.
        • till595l /1700l
        • from4.9l/100km
        • from128g/km
  • Yeti
      • Yeti
        Expect the unexpected
        • ​At home in the city.
        • 4x4 Yeti, at home on the trail.
        • Family orientated practicality and rugged 4x4 styling.
        • till510l /1580l
        • from5.1l/100km
        • from140g/km

Green ŠKODA Technologies

Advanced technologies participate in protection of the environment

To achieve exceptional fuel economy and CO2 emissions, ŠKODA GreenLine models and cars with Green tec optional equipment need much more than just state of the art turbocharged engines with direct fuel injection. That’s why we gave them a host of other cutting edge technologies, which will help you to reduce the impact of your commute on both your wallet and environment.

Start-stop system

What can be more wasteful than engine running on idle? Without turning the wheels or perform any other useful work, the engine consumes fuel uselessly and turns it into greenhouse gas emission, contributing to the global warming. Our engineer’s answer is the Start-stop system, which will automatically switch the engine off, when the car is stationary, for example on traffic lights or in traffic jam. As soon as the driver engages the clutch, the engine starts again immediately.

The starter was reinforced so it can cope with higher demands of frequent starts, and sophisticated electronic decide when the engine should be switched off and started again. It considers many factors, from battery condition and coolant temperature, to the interior temperature, A/C settings or the pressure in the brake booster and power steering. Thanks to Start-stop system, you can save up to 0,4l/100km, or up to 0,9l/100km in urban driving.

Brake energy recuperation

During braking, the kinetic energy is transformed into heat, which is then uselessly radiated into the environment. To help you get part of this energy back, we’ve developed the brake energy recuperation system, which uses intelligent alternator to store the energy in battery during deceleration and then uses it to lower the engine load by alternator, reducing the fuel consumption.

How does it work? When you brake with the engine, alternator increases its output to use engine’s kinetic energy, which would otherwise be wasted uselessly. Conversely, when engine power is needed, the alternator can lower its output and thus also its resistance to the engine. This helps to lower the fuel consumption in this mode and basically “recycle” the energy recovered during braking.

Gear recommendation

Low engine noise and wide useful rpm range of the modern engines in ŠKODA cars makes it harder for drivers to change gears “by feel”, as they were used to with older vehicles. That’s why even experienced driver appreciate the gear recommendation function, which uses the multifunction display in the instrument panel to show driver, which gear ratio is optimal to reach lowest fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in any given moment.


Especially at higher speed, aerodynamic drag is one of the biggest “energy guzzlers”. That’s the reason why, for the GreenLine models, we enhanced already excellent aerodynamics of ŠKODA Cars with a few more tweaks, like aerodynamic cover of the underside, front-end modifications, spoilers or lowerd ride height. These measures enabled us to reach outstanding aerodynamic properties. For example, the drag coefficient of the Yeti GreenLine SUV is excellent 0.361.

Low rolling resistance tyres

Up to the 15% of the engine power, and thus the consumed fuel as well, is used to overcome the tyres’ rolling resistance. That’s why our green cars use modern low rolling resistance tyres, which help to reduce fuel consumption, while still satisfying as high demands on traction, handling and braking as the other model’s tyres.